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Meet Patience Oyeme Olaiya (SLP)

Patience Olaiya lives in Jos, Nigeria with her husband and their daughter.

After graduating from the prestigious University of Ibadan, Patience began her professional career working with children living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Ibadan, Nigeria.

She later moved to Lagos where she practiced as a private speech therapist before returning to Ibadan for her Masters degree.

In August 2018, Patience was awarded the most active youngest professional by Deway Speech and Hearcare Ltd. during a professional conference organised by Speech Pathologists and Audiologists Association in Nigeria (SPAAN).

She is presently into school based speech therapy in Jos, Nigeria and is passionate about creating awareness in churches and schools for speech and language disorders as well as disabilities at large.

Seeing her clients/patients get better and recover gives her joy and keeps her going.

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