Speech and language disorder in Nigeria is not yet a priority in the health sector of the country. Persons with or guardians of children with speech or language disorders sometimes do not know that they can actually get help from a professional. This is because speech therapists are not yet gainfully employed in all federal, state and general health institutions in the country.

Speechie Haven is the first of its kind and was created with African (Nigerian) parents in mind. It is a place to help Nigerian parents know more about communication disorders and to equip and inform them about the causes, earliest signs of speech and language disorders, where to go to for help and what they can do at home to help improve their ward’s communication skills.

Because we do not only care about the communication skills of your child, we will invite professionals from allied professions to address some topics that will help you assist that child with or without special needs.

Speechie haven is also beneficial to upcoming African SLPs who need ideas on the ‘hows, whats and wheres’. We will teach you speech related DIYs and hacks that will make your life and routine easy.